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Release date: 
October 21, 2014
Total songs: 
Hip Hop/Rap, Jazz
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Gunshowers w/ Ghostface Killah

When we last heard from hip-hop/jazz fusion trio BadBadNotGood, they had teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan founding member Ghostface Killah for a rock-solid single, "Six Degrees". Turns out that the collaboration was too good to be a one off - a joint effort full-length album, Sour Soul, has been announced for an expected February 17, 2015 release date. With the news of the impending album came the release of a new single, “Gunshowers”. The trio does more here than act as a backing band for a legendary MC – they play off of each other’s energy and flow, and capably demonstrate why they deserve equal billing. The track was produced by Frank Dukes (50 Cent, Choclair) and also features a guest appearance from Detroit-based rapper Elzhi (of Slum Village).