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November 2, 2015
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Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Matt Monoogian is active on the Guelph scene, playing in Lowlands and Odd Years and with Alanna Gurr, but he's now poised to make a splash as a solo artist with debut album HIDE. This compelling record finds him digging deep lyrically, probing personal issues, while his voice has a very easy on the ear quality. The songs feature his accomplished playing on guitars, pedal steel, drums, bass and mandolin, and he's joined by such talented players as Thomas Hammerton, Paul Lowman and Andy Magoffin. Guest string and horn players on some cuts impart something of a chamber folk feel. Hammerton and Monoogian co-produced, with indie rock veteran Magoffin engineering, mixing and mastering at his House of Miracles studio. One of the most impressive rootsy debuts of the year.

Monoogian plays Guelph's eBar on Nov. 6, followed by gigs in Owen Sound, Ottawa, Peterborough, Toronto and St. Catherine's. Check his FB for details.