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Release date: 
September 29, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Handsome Man - Single

Last year, we first got wind of Toronto indie rockers Highs with their strong reissued self-titled EP. After catching the band live last week opening up for Winnipeg weirdos Royal Canoe, we can confidently state that they live up to the hype (and perhaps exceed it). The high-energy unit, led by vocalist/guitarist Doug Haynes, is currently hard at work on a full-length LP with producer Luke Smith (Foals, Lily Allen) and they’ve unveiled an early single, “Handsome Man”. The single’s instrumentation is buoyant and bustling, performed with clarity and with purpose, and serves the track’s message well. Sounds like the band has delved into the catalogue of Mew and Local Natives, and blended it into their homebrewed afrobeat mix. Let’s hope for more like this on the album, due sometime in early 2016.

Also be sure to check out a live acoustic version of “Handsome Man” recorded with Last.fm here