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Release date: 
May 12, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
Play Mistakes

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Americana-accented band The River and The Road toured Canada and Australia (singer/guitarist Andrew Phelan is from Oz) in support of their strong self-titled 2012 debut, and they recently signed to MapleMusic Recordings. They've now delivered a strong second album, Headlights, one that neatly showcases their robust and surging sound. Organ and banjo supplement solid guitar work that on tracks like "Mistakes" hints at Crazy Horse, while a deft hand at the console is provided by producer Jamey Koch (The Tragically Hip, D.O.A.), who recorded the band in Toronto and Vancouver sessions. Headlights you'll want to be caught in.

The River and The Road have already begun an extensive cross-country tour that included showcasing at CMW in Toronto last week. For a full itinerary, check their website.