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April 21, 2015
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Heartbreaker of the Year

This reviewer was highly impressed by Whitney Rose's eponymous 2012 debut, and it's now a pleasure to report that the follow-up record, Heartbreaker of the Year, is even stronger. Helping it create a real buzz is the presence of Raul Malo, mainman of beloved U.S. roots-rockers The Mavericks, in the production seat (he also duets with Rose on '60s pop classic "Be My Baby"). Fellow Mavs and top T.O. players contribute, but the true star here is Rose's pure strong voice and well-crafted original material. Hard to believe she only started writing songs five years ago. Her strongly retro honkytonk style is a happy antidote to the banality of so much of today's pop-country sounds.

Rose launched the album at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern earlier this week, then played some Ontario dates opening up for The Mavericks (they're at Toronto's Phoenix on April 24). For more dates check out her website.