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Release date: 
December 2, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
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Heartless - Single

No one could accuse the guys in Yukon Blonde of being slackers; while the Juno-nominated band released an energetic and hook-laden full-length just earlier this year (one of their best yet), embarked on a cross-country tour with Hey Rosetta!, and released one of the finest protest songs we’ve heard in some time, they manage to find time for other projects. Frontman Jeffrey Innes occasionally rocks out as High Ends, and now guitarist Brandon Wolfe Scott is stepping out solo under his birth name. This project actually started though under the name Dusty Summers – a pseudonym he devised to write country songs in jest, but it morphed into something totally different.

“I ended up really loving some of the songs, such as ‘Postcard Writer’,” Scott stated in a press release. “So I decided to salvage them in a way that was more me, you know, drop the low country voice that I was putting on and play them more like how I normally would. They were just nice songs, so I reworked the lyrics to make them sound less hokey and more meaningful.” 

“Heartless” is the first single to emerge, and it doesn’t sound like any laughing matter. The track’s dulcet finger-picked guitar and pleasant CSNY-inspired folky harmonies are an absolute delight, and the rocking solo could fit in easily with his main band’s oeuvre. Look for it to make an appearance on a forthcoming EP, The Postcard Writer, set for a January 15 release, through Nevado Records.