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Release date: 
January 20, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Jazz
Play One Little Accident Away (feat. Sophia Perlman & Terra Hazelton)

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Hell of a Girl

A couple of years ago, Vancouver-based actor/improvizer (and Canadian Comedy Award nominee) Jeff Gladstone and his talented singer friend Terra Hazelton (Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards) began recording some of Jeff's original songs. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Hell Of A Girl blossomed into a major project featuring a dozen musicians and singers, including the A-list likes of Toronto players Drew Jurecka, Nathan Hiltz, Richard Whiteman, Sly Juhas, Nick Teehan, Sophia Perlman, and Hazelton (who produced the record). Gladstone terms the album "a cowboy-noir opera", and it comprises well-written and witty pop meets jazz songs with a strong musical theatre bent.

Release concerts in Vancouver (Rio Theatre) and Toronto (at Hugh's Room, last week) have been very well-received.