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October 13, 2015
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Hellbent On Success

A look at the credits on Hell Bent On Success warns you to expect the unexpected. The debut album from singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Thunderclap!, it was produced by Spooky Ruben and has guest turns from Mary Margaret O'Hara, Bob Wiseman (Blue Rodeo) and Dave Clark (Rheostatics). They're four of the most adventurous and idiosyncratic artists in Canadian music, and they fit perfectly with the theatrical and oft-kilter material of Thunderclap!. His style, a mixture of method acting and guerilla folkestry, has been termed "Frank Zappa meets Tim Burton". A 2013 holiday tune, "The Ghost Of Christmas Past", scored some commercial radio play. An album worthy of thunderous applause.

Thunderclap! plays The NAC in St. Catharines on Oct. 30 and in Toronto (venue tba) on Nov. 6.