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May 5, 2015
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Here - Single

Ever had an awful time at a high-school rager? 18-year old newcomer Alessia Cara certainly did, and has translated the experience into an introvert anthem, “Here”. Atop a sultry, affected Isaac Hayes sample, and a beat that Lauryn Hill would have gladly spun on The Miseducation, she details her miserable experience; forced to listen to shitty music, surrounded by gossipy girls, and harassed by stoned guys trying to get into her pants. Seemingly popping out from nowhere, Cara has already signed a deal to Def Jam, and is sparking serious hype on music blogs. At the time of writing, the single is nearing 400k streams on Soundcloud. Expect huge things to come from Alessia, and soon – she may very well end up being Canada’s Lorde.