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Release date: 
December 9, 2014
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Play Heroes (We Could Be) [feat. Tove Lo] [Grandtheft Remix]
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Heroes (We Could Be) [Grandtheft Remix)

Producer Alesso and pop star Tove Lo are currently two of Sweden’s most promising rising stars, so a collaboration was only a matter of time. With "Heroes (we could be)", the pair offered up an instantly memorable progressive house-meets-pop effort, pieced together with lyrics from David Bowie’s 1977 Berlin Wall protest track "Heroes". For the inevitable Remix EP, Toronto-based producer Grandtheft supplied his take on the Billboard Hot 100 charting hit. His might be an improvement on the original; amplified, beefy analog synths and sizable trap beats give the single a more vibrant feel, without overshadowing the melodic elements. To date, it’s closing in on 640k+ streams on Soundcloud.

Grandtheft is currently up for the $10k prize in Round 5 of the Vista Music Prize. Be sure to cast your vote.