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Release date: 
June 10, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
Play Daisy Garden

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Hide Like a Secret

Edmonton indie folk-pop quartet, The Provincial Archive, might get some well-deserved recognition with their new four-track EP, Hide Like A Secret. It’s the band’s first official release through new label Black Box Music (Shad, Sonreal), and their most self-assured yet. Confident, tight-knit playing is effectively demonstrated across the well-balanced collection, through gorgeous acoustic folk (“The Pointe Work”), to energetic rock (“Young and Bloodless”), and through a tasteful cover (Elliott Smith’s "Son of Sam"). Singer Craig Schram showcases his songwriting chops with opener and standout, “Daisy Garden”, a tender piece written about his Alzheimer’s afflicted grandmother. An excellent primer for the band’s upcoming full-length, It’s All Shaken Wonder, due August 19.

Some of the proceeds of the sales from Hide Like A Secret will go to the Alzheimer Society of Canada via Boom Charity.

Hear the material live at the Calgary Folk Fest, July 24-27.