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July 8, 2014
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Hideaway - EP

Newcomer Kiesza’s debut EP Hideaway may mark the end of the ‘80s revival. Time to dust off your Body Break tracksuit; the ‘90s are back in full force. It’s led by the strength of the title track, an unexpected #1 hit in the UK (to date, the third fastest selling single of 2014 in that region) with a striking single-take dance music video that’s quickly closing in on 50 million views on YouTube. Her dramatic and bold register, a nod to the days when C+C Music Factory were huge, give weight to three of the four uptempo tracks, while the last is a stripped-down, piano ballad rendition of Haddaway’s inescapable "What Is Love". It’s an unexpected package from a Calgary-born singer who’s only 25, and reveals little about her interesting past as a ballerina student, a Miss Universe Canada pageant contestant, and a code breaker with the Royal Canadian Navy. So what though? There’ll be time for her to return to her early confessional folk material after she’s done riding high on the crest of a wave.  Sometimes all you need to do is dance.