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July 10, 2015
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Highway - EP

The full-length debut by Hey Mother Death, Highway received a limited release last year but is now getting a deserved and higher-profile re-release via Paper Bag. HMD is a duo project from Parisian vocalist Laurence Strelka and Haligonian musician Denma Peisinger. The album was recorded in rural Nova Scotia and rural France, as well as Paris, then mixed in Michigan and mastered in London, by Mandy Parnell (Björk), making it quite the trans-Atlantic venture. In the lead-up to the release the band issued a number of remixes from the likes of Jay Crocker, Chuck Blazevic, and Matthew Samway (a fine re-working of the title track). Wide-screen and dread-filled soundscapes that incorporate dub and electronica frame Strelka's spoken word style delivery to compelling effect.

Let's hope for tour dates soon.