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Release date: 
December 26, 2013
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Play Hold It Down (ft. Georgia Murray)
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Hold it Down (ft. Georgia Murray) - Single

Dubstep sensation Datsik (aka Troy Beetles) had a phenomenal year in 2013, releasing both an EP, Cold Blooded, in January, then the full-length Let It Burn in September. NCM's Noah Siegel described that album as "ten tracks that are squelchy, floor-rattling, wobbly bass-driven sizzlers that’ll play well to dubheads". The fact that the video for the fiery track "Hold It Down" has grabbed nearly 700,000 eyeballs on YouTube since being posted in September helps illustrate just how big Datsik has become (he also has over a million fans on Facebook). On "Hold It Down", Georgia Murray's bold and soulful voice is framed with some ferocious beats, and the result has the impact of a runaway train. This young producer/DJ is an artist you just can't hold down.