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Release date: 
August 4, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
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Hope Is Made of Steel - Single

Northcote’s self-titled was a rousing and well-defined disc of Springsteen-esque acoustic rockers, and a standout for 2013. We’re fortunate then that mainman Matt Goud (not to be confused with alt-rocker Matthew Good) has been hard at work ever since, enduring a grueling 18-months on the road and penning a third album, Hope is Made of Steel, which is due Sept. 25. While we don’t expect him to go back to the Christian post-hardcore style of his previous band Means, it’s expected that this new effort will see this project going more electric.

“When I was putting together songs for this record, I wanted to pursue the ones that didn't feel necessarily like Northcote-type songs.” Goud stated in a press release. “There was a big batch that I knew could work and that could fit well with the other records, but I wanted to pursue the material that felt surprising and challenging to me. The record feels vulnerable in that way and reflects some of the experiences I have had in life and from all the touring we have done.”

The album’s title track and early single might be vulnerable in spirit, but it’s propulsive and dynamic in execution, especially due to its’ powerful rock drums, Americana-styled guitars both acoustic and electric, and a welcome appearance from Hannah Georgas.

As to be expected, tour dates are aplenty. The Canadian dates kick off in Toronto on September 18 for TURF, and continue through November. Head to Northcote’s website for more info.