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April 1, 2014
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Hot Dreams

On Hot Dreams, their fifth album, Toronto's Timber Timbre come up with an even more dazzling album than 2010's Creep On Creepin' On, a Polaris short-lister. It has richly cinematic soundscapes, built around strings, an arsenal of vintage synthesizers and keyboards, and energized by the virile vocal style of Taylor Kirk. He and chief collaborator Simon Trottier co-produced and play a multitude of instruments, while notable guests include Colin Stetson on typically robust saxophone and Simone Schmidt (The Highest Order, Fiver), who contributes lyrics on a couple of tracks. The dark and sometimes melancholy mood here suggests Tindersticks or Nick Cave, but TT are forging their own distinct sound. They already have an international following, one sure to be boosted by this gem. Currently on a 12-date European tour to be followed by U.S. dates, Timber Timbre are at Toronto's Massey Hall on May 23.