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January 27, 2015
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Hotfoot - Single

Last week, we profiled the latest single from Moon King, the Toronto-based duo of Daniel Woodhead and Maddy Wilde, former members of Spiral Beach. Now, Doldrums, the solo project of Airick Woodhead (also formerly of Spiral Beach, Daniel’s brother, and son of folk artist David Woodhead) has released some new material, the kinetic single “Hotfoot”. The track picks right up where 2013’s Lesser Evil left off, with wall-to-wall buzzing synths and twitchy rhythms, but now the production is even more sizable and more encompassing.

“Hotfoot” is the lead track off Doldrums' highly anticipated sophomore LP, The Air Conditioned Nightmare, due April 7. It will be the act’s first album released through legendary Seattle-based alternative label Sub Pop, perhaps a sign of Doldrums’ rising profile.