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Release date: 
April 14, 2015
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Play Little Bird
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House of Many Rooms

Laila Biali is a multi-talented pianist and singer/songwriter with very diverse musical leanings, though to date she has best been known as a jazz artist. She has won SOCAN Composer of the Year and National Jazz Awards, and earned a JUNO nomination for Best Vocal Jazz Album for her 2011 album, Tracing Light. Biali now unveils an adventurous pop-oriented album, House Of Many Rooms, under the name Laila Biali and the Radiance Project. Co-produced with her husband Ben Wittman, it has a big production sound that incorporates strings, brass and a gospel choir, yet still sports strong melodies. Biali has toured with Paula Cole and Suzanne Vega, and has recorded with and supported Sting, and these experiences have helped her make this stylistic detour a convincing one.

Biali and her A-list band that includes Wittman, Chris Tarry and Anna Atkinson have just commenced a cross-country tour that runs until May 8 and includes an April 30 Toronto date at Church of the Holy Trinity (this one with a 14-piece ensemble). For a full itinerary, check here