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March 31, 2015
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Play Car Crash
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Angsty post-grunge rockers Three Days Grace hit a major snag in early 2013, when lead singer Adam Gontier announced he was permanently resigning from the band he founded all the way back in 1997. The band soldiered on though, recruiting My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst, brother of 3DG bassist Brad Walst. Few bands can recover from losing a lead singer (AC/DC + Genesis did so successfully, INXS + Black Sabbath not as much), but the band’s latest full-length effort Human demonstrates that the status quo is very much the same. Down-tuned machine-like guitar riffs, the occasional electronic flourish (opener “Human Race”), and sandpaper-grit vocals remind us that this band knows how to work by formula. If you weren’t a fan before, Human probably won’t convince you of anything. Just maybe though, if a poster of Gontier isn’t still adorning your walls, or if you aren’t one of the very vocal Facebook fans decrying the change of line-up, then you’ll be reasonably satisfied and content to rage along.