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Release date: 
February 26, 2014
Total songs: 
Alternative, Folk
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Hunting is the new pursuit of songsmith Bradley Ferguson. He's moved from electro-rock to indie-folk with graceful ease on this brilliant self-titled debut album. He recruited such ace players as Paul Rigby (Neko Case), Jesse Zubot, Dustin Bentall, Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother), John Ellis and drummer/co-producer John Raham to embellish his eloquent songs with neo-cinematic soundscapes. The pulsating "Patti" is a real grabber, with other tunes going for subtler touches. Inspirations include Beck and Sparklehorse, and if that type of beautiful moodiness is your game, it's time to go Hunting. A Western tour begins at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre (Feb. 28) and May CMW gigs are keenly awaited.