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April 24, 2014
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Play Hymn For A Missing Girl
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Hymn For A Missing Girl

Around the time the Juno-nominated Warring was released, Toronto art-rockers The Darcys revealed they were working on a 20+-minute instrumental piece. The haunting “Hymn For a Missing Girl” is finally available for streaming, and was released on vinyl for Record Store Day (limited to 500 copies). The six-movement odyssey drifts from solemn to chilling, and is as tense as the Cormac McCarthy novel, Cities of the Plain, that inspired the composition. Incredibly dynamic and artfully executed, it’s one of the finest headphone-worthy tracks released so far this year.  “Hymns For a Missing Girl” will be available for digital download on June 3.

Be sure to watch their ambitious music video series (one will be made for each tune off of Warring) and see the band live; The Darcys will play May 1 in Toronto @The AGO, May 9 in Hamilton ON @The Casbah, and back to T.O. for the Arts& Crafts Field Trip Festival June 7. Details on the band’s website