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Release date: 
October 20, 2015
Total songs: 
Play My Life's Been a Country Song

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I Am Who I Am

Make way, honkytonk country, hockeytonk is coming. That's a tag being given to I Am Who I Am, the debut album from NHL legend/author/motivational speaker Theo Fleury. This scribe is usually suspicious of sports stars dabbling in music, but we approached this one with more optimism. Fleury has had a well-publicized tough life (sexual abuse, alcoholism), one well-suited to the confessional, storytelling aspect of country (fittingly, the lead single is "My Life Is A Country Song"). Old time country was a key part of Fleury's upbringing, and it's good to hear him stick to this style over banal new bro country. "We wanted this to be a real grassroots album -fiddles, steel guitars, accordions and honky-tonk pianos," he explains. He gets able assistance here from producer/co-writer/guitarist Patrick McCallion and nine other players and backing singers. Fleury's voice is a little rough around the edges, but that suits the autobiographical feel of gritty songs reflecting a tough life.

Fleury plays a CD release party at Calgary’s Symons Valley Ranch Farmers' Market on October 25 and then has a cross-country promo tour.