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Release date: 
June 9, 2015
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I Become A Shade

“To you I know I just want to be open up to you/to you it’s enough to care and apathy is where to you” is the recurring phrase on “Stay With Us”, an early cut and standout track from I Became A Shade, the debut disc from Montreal-based synth pop trio Seoul. It’s far from a rallying cry, or even a particularly emotive moment, but it’s representative of the disc as a whole – over 12 coolly disaffected tracks (several of which are minute-long interludes), the band explores Ambien-affected chillwave atmospheres, and inhabits the sort of isolated dreamworld that novelist Tao Lin (of Twitter fame) writes about. The idea for this album emerged in 2013, and the band has clearly laboured over the intricate arrangements until they shimmer just right. It's hard to deny that I Became a Shade is effective in its’ languid approach and is undeniably current.