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Release date: 
November 20, 2015
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Play I Can Swing a Hammer

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I Can Swing a Hammer - Single

Last year’s Free Candy was the indie rock party album no one expected  - after five years apart, while band members spent time with their other gigs (as in co-founder Lyle Bell’s role in Shout Out Out Out Out), The Wet Secrets reconvened, with their matching marching band outfits in tow. It turns out that the well-tailored six-piece band is back for the long haul. This week they debuted a (relatively fast) follow-up single, “I Can Swing a Hammer”. The enthusiastic, rock bass and major-key melody-driven effort is wild fun, even if it boasts some wild claims – sorry to break it to you guys, but you’re not going to live forever. An early demo of this track surfaced in March, but the news of this official version (offered through new label Six Shooter Records) comes with the announcement of a new full-length: The Tyranny of Objects, set for a loose “Spring 2016” release date.

This past week, The Wet Secrets performed “I Can Swing a Hammer” at the CFL’s West Final, accompanied by the choreographed dance moves of the Edmonton Eskimo Cheer Team.

Upcoming tour dates include Winnipeg for The Grey Cup Festival on Nov 27, Edmonton at 9910 on Dec 31, Fernie BC at the Northern on Jan 29, Rossland BC for Blizzard Fest on Jan 30, Cumberland BC at the Waverly on Feb 4, Port Renfrew BC for Song & Surf on Feb 5, and Vancouver at Cobalt Feb 6. More info can be found here.