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Release date: 
February 11, 2015
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I Feel Better - Single

We’ve come to expect London ON based producer Overwerk to live up to his namesake as one of Canadian EDM’s most prolific artists, since he so frequently offers up his new tracks online. So a three-month wait since the last single, "House", shouldn’t feel like a while, but it does – thankfully, he delivers with his latest, “I Feel Better”. A re-working of British electro act Hot Chip’s fan-favourite track, Overwerk keeps the memorable melody intact (thanks to the guest vocals supplied by regular collaborator Nick Nikon), and maximizes the synths until they pulsate, buzz, and thunder through even the tiniest of speakers. No complaints here about the club-friendly extended track running-time.

DL the tune for free over on his Soundcloud

Overwerk was the winner of the second round of the NCM Vista Prize, nabbing a $10k prize. Round six has just started and Facebook fan voting is now underway. Big up your favourite nominated artist here