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July 14, 2015
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Play I Used To Pray For the Heavens To Fall
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I Used To Pray For The Heavens to Fall

The melodramatic, long-running band The Dears – one of the pillars of the Montreal indie music scene of the ‘00s – has pretty much kept silent since 2011’s Degeneration Street, offering up only a live disc in the interim as a tide-over. That will change with the upcoming release of Times Infinity Volume One, the act’s sixth full-length and auditory commemoration of a 20-year long career as a band. The wait for the new material was due in part to frontman Murray Lightburn’s doubts over the band’s future.

“When you start a band, you never think of the end,” he explained in a press statement. “When we began work on this album, it was a process that consumed us completely, harkening back to our earliest days. In turn, the record became about sentimentality but in the face of great uncertainty; the concept of eternal love and all its fragility.”

“I Used To Pray For the Heavens to Fall” is an early taste of what’s to come, and it demonstrates how, if anything, this band has only gotten better with age. The dynamic and intricately arranged tune refuses to linger in any one style, moving kinetically from fuzzed-out psychedelic rock to funky, almost-jazzy grooves and back again, making the whole affair feel seamless. Few bands can truly claim to be putting out some of their most vital, urgent work two decades in, but The Dears, now elder statesmen, are some of indie rock’s finest, Canadian or otherwise.

Times Infinity Volume One is due September 25 though Pheromone Recordings and will be followed up with a volume two sometime in 2016.