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Release date: 
October 14, 2014
Total songs: 
Alternative, Folk
Play I Want to See the Light (Lost from Our Eyes)

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I Want to See the Light (Lost from Our Eyes) - Single

There is a haunting feel to Sarah MacDougall's new single, "I Want To See The Light (Lost From Our Eyes)", when you learn the story behind the song. Five years ago, residents in her adopted city of Malmoe, Sweden, feared for their lives while one extremist man shot dark-haired people at night. The song draws upon that experience in eloquent fashion, with pure vocals to the fore. A notable guest on the track is Erika Angell of Thus Owls on backing vocals. The song will be featured on MacDougall's upcoming 2015 album. An earlier album, The Greatest Ones Alive, won a Western Canadian Music Award in 2012 as Best Roots Solo Album.

Expect to hear the new song when the songstress tours Ontario this month. She then appears alongside Buffy St. Marie at the Blue Feather Music Festival in Whitehorse on Nov. 7. For details, go to sarahmacdougall.com/tour/