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December 1, 2014
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I Will Be - Single

She might be a big deal as a solo act in the Great White North, but Chantal Kreviazuk‘s presence further south is felt more through her impressive songwriting credits (Pitbull, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, among others). Last week though, she stepped into the SNL spotlight, providing the hook and keys for Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock’s "Pay For It". This might mean an increased profile for her first major single in several years, “I Will Be”. A captivating emotional ballad, it also serves as awareness vehicle to the topic of depression, suicide, and to the work of charitable outreach program, Child Helpline International.

"'I Will Be' is my fave song I have ever written since 'Surrounded' some twenty years ago," the singer recently told ET Canada."Not sure how to explain it, but it just wrote itself like ‘Surrounded’ did.... And every word just comes from a guttural place, every note is from my most true instinct as an artist. I believe my feelings in it 100% and want to sing it all the time. I felt healed when I wrote it, I forgave myself of something, and that is what the therapy of music should do."

Check out the stirring accompanying lyric video, and be sure to hear it live on her April 2015 Ontario tour. Full details on her website