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Release date: 
September 9, 2015
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Play I'd Hate To Be An Actor

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I'd Hate To Be An Actor - Single

Last year, Toronto-based grungesters Greys released their debut full-length If Anything, a vital and noisy disc that demanded to be played as loud as possible to feel its full effects. We wouldn’t expect a new release from these guys to be any different. Their latest single, “I’d Hate To Be An Actor” is certainly in the same ballpark, but it’s aggressive sheen, characterized by drop-tuned feedback-laden riffs, acts as a cover for a more emotional core. Lead singer Shehzaad Jiwani explained the track’s meaning to The Fader, saying it’s “about that strange juxtaposition of being a little spoon with your partner, completely at peace physically while the noise in your head is overwhelming." For this band – consider it melodic. Perhaps the other two as yet unheard tracks on upcoming EP Repulsion will be just as vulnerable (but, you can be assured, noisy too).

Greys tour dates include Quebec City at Le Cercle on Sept 14, Fredericton NB at Capital Bar on Sept 15, Halifax at Gus’ Pub on Sept 16, Montreal at Theatre Fairmount on Sept 18, Kingston ON at Mansion on Sept 20, and Toronto on Dec 4 at Lee’s Palace, all of which are booked with Viet Cong. More info can be found here