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October 6, 2015
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If I Should Go Before You

You could certainly never accuse Dallas Green of letting the grass grow under his feet. He recently hit No. 1 with side project You + Me (with P!nk) and reunited Alexisonfire, his original claim to fame, for some major summer festival shows. His concentrated focus now returns to his primary gig, as moody and internationally successful (Juno-winning, platinum-selling) singer/songwriter City and Colour. If I Should Go Before You is the fifth full-length of C and C, and it's sure to be another smash. First single "Woman" was a psychedelia-inflected nine-minute gem that showed appealing adventurousness, while other cuts here adhere more to his well-established and much-loved template. Assisting his cause considerably is the playing of his A-list band: Jack Lawrence, Dante Schwebel, Doug MacGregor, and Matt Kelly. Check out the title track for vivid evidence.

City and Colour have an extensive U.S. tour set for November and December, followed by Europe in early 2016.