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Release date: 
February 3, 2015
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I'll Wait For You - Single

Spanish-born, Montreal-based artist Iris Campo first emerged on the indie scene as the drummer for Indica Records’ Roads, and is now set to embark on a solo career. She comes out swinging with her first offering, the shimmering synthpop single “I’ll Wait For You”.

"When I wrote ‘I'll Wait for You’ the lyrics came out fast, like a revelation in a way," Iris stated in a press release. “It took me 15 minutes and they poured out effortlessly. I think, prior to writing this song, I was always trying so hard for it all to make sense, but this one just came out. For me it's about never giving up on what you truly want in life. It's that moment when you realize that you can accomplish anything if you put your heart into, and if you're supposed to be with someone, your paths will surely cross again.

The slick, slap-bass-enhanced track was produced in Nashville by Scott Andrew Moffatt (the lead singer of the Moffats), who also produced Iris’s forthcoming EP. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is a fan of this talented songstress, and you should be too.