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June 2, 2015
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Play Sleeping on the Blacktop
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Imaginary Appalachia

He is only 19, but singer/songwriter Colter Wall is quickly attracting attention with his authentic take on Americana. His debut single "The Devil Wears a Suit & Tie” made a fan of Chuck Leavell of The Allman Brothers, and new EP Imaginary Appalachia will further the cause. Wall's gruff and deep voice has elicited valid comparisons to Johnny Cash, while Delta blues is another influence. He shows real potential as a songwriter here ("Ballad Of A Law Abiding Sophisticate" is the best song title we've heard in a while). The record was produced by Jason Plumb (of The Waltons fame), and guests The Dead South and Belle Plaine (on the haunting "Caroline") add depth to some tracks.  Wall is based in Swift Current, and we expect success to flow his way swiftly. A highly fascinating fact: Colter is the son of Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

The album was launched this week with a show in Swift Current, and on June 10 (at Phog Lounge in Windsor) Wall and Danny Olliver begin a joint cross-country Prairie Gentleman tour. This includes such major fests as Ness Creek, Gateway Festival, Interstellar Rodeo, and the Regina Folk Festival. Check his Facebook for the full itinerary.