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Release date: 
September 2, 2014
Total songs: 
Play In with the Out Crowd

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In with the Out Crowd - Single

In a quietly understated manner, The Autumn Stones are emerging as legit contenders on the T.O. scene. They have a melodic sound steeped in '80s Britpop (think Prefab Sprout or Aztec Camera), and this is showcased in fine style on new single "In With The Out Crowd". Frontman Ciaran Megahey has a pleasingly understated delivery, while the fluent alto and baritone sax work of Gary Butler helps set the band apart from the crowd. A revamped acousic version of earlier single "End of Faith" is an effective B side here. The recording and mixing work of Dean Marino (Papermaps) and mastering of  Noah Mintz (Broken Social Scene) ensures high sonic quality. It has been three years since their 2011 album Companions of the Flame, and we're hoping for another full-length soon.

The Autumn Stones play Toronto's Silver Dollar Room on Sept. 11.