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Release date: 
October 14, 2014
Total songs: 
Folk, R&B/Soul
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Indian Ocean

Singer/songwriter Frazey Ford found international success in the folk world as part of The Be Good Tanyas. Of late, she has been earning rave reviews for her second solo album, Indian Ocean. Here she convincingly branches out into soul and r 'n b territory, connecting with Al Green's legendary band, the Hi Rhythm Section, and recording some of the album at the famed Royal Studio in Memphis. The setting clearly inspired Ford to new heights, and her evocative voice blends perfectly with the robust horns and organ-fuelled sounds laid down by her ace band. One sad note here: guitar great Teenie Hodges passed away during the recording sessions.

Ford continues to tour behind the album, with upcoming appearances at the Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary Folk Festivals, Guelph's Hillside fest, and September gigs in Europe.