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Release date: 
October 20, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
Play Throw It in the River
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Interior Light

The vigorous and diverse indie rock sounds of Hamilton's Young Rival has helped give them a real strong online presence, especially via YouTube. The clip for 2012's "Two Reasons" has grabbed 860k views, and last year's innovative Autostereogram video for "Black Is Good" has totalled 1.7 million views. Expect their following to grow further via their excellent new third album, Interior Light, one that is already notching rave reviews. Back in August, NCM's Noah Siegel praised the advance title track single for its "charming arrangements and throwback psychedelic rock harmonies". Those are equally evident on the consistently strong other compositions here. Mainman Aron D'Alesio explains that for this album, "we decided to switch things up. Do things differently. Try something new". That they've done, to great effect. This Interior Light shines bright.

Young Rival are now on an extensive North American tour with kindred spirits Born Ruffians. It includes ten Canadian stops and you can find the full itinerary on their website.