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Release date: 
September 17, 2013
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Internal Sounds

One of our hardest-working and most prolific bands, The Sadies are also one of our very best. The roots-rockers are in top form on Internal Sounds, the keenly awaited follow-up to 2010's Darker Circles. The lads have, of course, been ever-active in between, including work in The Good Family. This time out, Dallas Good handles the production duties, with real skill. The internal empathy within the band, led by Dallas and Travis Good, is audible, and there's a real coherence and focus to a sound that fuses country, folk and psychedelia with ease. The one guest appearance here is by Buffy Sainte-Marie, and her collaboration on "We Are Circling" is both gentle and beautiful to listen to. These internal sounds ring eternal. The Sadies tour Western Canada October 15-25.