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Release date: 
November 2, 2015
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Into Her Future

You can't accuse Michelle McAdorey of rushing her art. After marking a mark in the early '90s with Crash Vegas, one of the best Canadian bands of the era, she rather retreated from the limelight. Her last solo album, Love Don’t Change, came out in 2003, and she reportedly recorded her new album Into Her Future over a period of two and half years with long-time collaborator and friend Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo), at his own studio. Thankfully, the wait is well worth it, for this is a meticulously crafted yet still powerfully emotional gem of an album. The first single, "Disappearing Things," has a slight Patti Smith vibe, while such songs as the title track and "Leave The Main Road" have a more mellow and wistful feel. Closing track "The Remainder" has a cinematic grandeur to it. The playing and Keelor's sophisticated production here are first-rate, but it's the purity of McAdorey's voice and the poeticism of her songs that take centre stage. In the artist bio, Keelor notes “Michelle’s spirit has always been an inspiration to my own work. I have long been in awe of her strength and passion, not just as a singer but as a writer and an interpreter of feeling, which to me is the essence of great songs.” When we look into MM's future, we see a very bright path ahead. A Polaris nomination for this one would certainly be deserved.

She launches the album at Toronto's Monarch Tavern on Nov. 18, and she rocks Hamilton's Casbah on Dec. 3. Her excellent live band comprises Chris Altmann, Cam de Laat, James McKenty, and Anna Ruddick. Let's hope for more touring after that.