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Release date: 
January 27, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Only Human

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Invincible Decency

The charismatic frontperson of '80s hitmakers Parachute Club (five Junos, two platinum albums), Lorraine Segato has continued to impress on her solo releases since. Her signature humanism remains, and, on her new album Invincible Decency, it is again paired with a vibrant and musically varied sound. PC fans will love tracks like "Only Human" (could this be a new "Rise Up"?), "Hole in the Wall" and "All Went Wrong (Right Time)", while the singer branches out by singing in Italian on "Tengo Le Tasche Vuote". Her tender tribute to late bandmate Billy Bryans, "Times Like This", is a highlight on an album lacking lowlights. Former Clubmate David Gray produced and played guitar on the record. Segato is also kept busy these days as Artist in Residence in Toronto's Regent Park.

Expect live dates to be announced soon.