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Release date: 
September 18, 2012
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Island of Echoes

There has been little down time for Toronto`s Wilderness of Manitoba since 2011’s critically acclaimed When You Left the Fire; as a result much of the material on this album was written on the road. This said, there`s no rough and tumble to be found here. Island of Echoes builds on the quintet`s strengths: lush harmonies, lilting melodies and electro-folk instrumentation. Think “Marrakesh” era CSN meets the Fleet Foxes. It's a great combo and a terrific album that is going to widen WoM's audience. In a social-media push, the 1,000th follower of the group’s twitter feed and the person with the 5000th  ‘Like’ on the band’s Facebook page will each receive a copy of the album and a ticket to an upcoming show. Check back to the band’s website, to see when they will visit your hometown.