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Release date: 
June 10, 2014
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It's A Mystery To Me

Based on genetics, there is cause for optimism when approaching It’s A Mystery To Me, the new album from singer/songwriter Max Layton. You see, he's the son of famed Canadian poet Irving Layton, whose good friend Leonard Cohen calls this "a terrific record" (in fact, Cohen taught a young Max the guitar).  It is too, comprising well-written folk-rooted songs delivered in a warm and resonant voice. Layton is well-served by the empathetic accompaniment of Bob Cohen, Anne Lindsay, and bassist/multi-instrumentalist David Woodhead (Bruce Cockburn), who also produced the album at his own studio. Layton has released two earlier well-received albums, Heartbeat Of Time and 2 The Max, and he delivers another winner here.

Layton launched the record with a performance at Toronto's Tranzac Club last week.