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Release date: 
September 8, 2015
Total songs: 
Alternative, Metal
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It's Late Queeny - Single

Indian Handcrafts’ brand of sludge rock, displayed on 2012’s full-length Civil Disobedience For Losers, was so potent, psychedelic and primal, that it would have made sense to us if it were somehow birthed from the desert in an impressive war ritual (and it would perhaps look something like this). It actually came from the minds and mouths of Daniel Allen (guitar/vox) and Brandyn Aikins (drums/vox) of the small community of Simcoe ON, located near Lake Erie. The hardworking metal-minded duo will have another go at it with sophomore LP Creeps, due Oct 2 via Sargent House. “It’s Late Queeny” is the early riff-heavy taste of the set, big and beefy and propulsive, and sure to draw favourable comparisons to Queens of the Stone Age and to Josh Homme’s earlier group, Kyuss. Once again, the pair worked with engineer Toshi Kasai (Tool, The Melvins, Big Business) to nail down their hard-hitting tone. Stream it again and again over on Soundcloud until your speakers burst.

Indian Handcrafts’ sole Canadian date on their tour is in Toronto for Riot Fest on Sept 20, opening up for Wu-Tang Clan, Weezer, and The Prodigy. Info can be found on the event page