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Release date: 
February 3, 2015
Total songs: 
Jazz, R&B/Soul
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Jazz Addiction - Single

We were impressed by Jef Kearns' 2013 album Soulfisticated, one on which the flautist/songwriter merged jazz and soul in highly original and melodic fashion. He now returns with a cool single, "Jazz Addiction", another sweet soul-jazz instrumental, one Herbie Mann would be proud to claim. It was co-written and produced by Toronto hip-hop luminary Slakah the Beatchild, and it's pleasing to note that the cut is already in high hit rotation on a number of American smooth jazz stations. Also worth checking out on Kearns' Bandcamp page is "Back Again (Markus Wilkinson Remix)", a pop ballad he wrote with vocalist Karen Jewels and producer John Campbell.