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Release date: 
December 16, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Stake's Ain't High (Ali Shaheed Remix)

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Jetlag Remixes - Single

Toronto-bred and currently-L.A. based songwriter Milosh may have had his biggest success as one-half of Rhye, but his most intimate and personal effort to date is his 2013 solo disc Jetlag, a stunning electro R&B disc he created with wife (and Walking Dead, Zoey 101 actress) Alexa Nikolas.

“I wanted to create a world with Jetlag that is both dense and subtle at the same time,” Milosh explained in the album’s press release. “My wife and I did all the photography for the album artwork together and I am creating all the video content with her to go along with the project.  I want all of the elements that go into putting out a record to come from Alexa and me. We are the only people that can truly understand the intentions and meanings behind the songs.”

He’s since relaxed his stance, and has invited other notable artists into the world of Jetlag, to revisit the album’s tracks for a new remix single. The a-side finds Ali Shaheed Muhammad, a founding member of legendary hip-hop act A Tribe Called Quest, offering his rhythmic spin on “Stake’s Ain’t High” and Warp Records alumni Clark re-arranging and building upon the originally stark track “Do You Want What I Need” for the b-side.

Grab the impressive package on Bandcamp and check out the recent interview Milosh did with Noisey, in which he reveals his plans for a new solo album.