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Release date: 
November 25, 2014
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Jingle Ma Belle: Ladies in Waiting Holiday Compilation

The cutely entitled Jingle Ma Belle is a holiday-themed album from the Toronto-based all-female collective, Ladies in Waiting. They feature some of the city's best roots-oriented singer/songwriters and duos, including Scarlett Jane, PerlHaze, Melanie Brulee, Sarah Burton, Samantha Martin and Treasa Levasseur (whose cut we recently reviewed in these pages). Their selections range from originals to such classics as "Jingle Bells" and "Santa Baby", with a couple of French tunes adding to the mix. All are impeccably sung, resulting in a charming and warm collection emerging as one of the season's best. This is the collective's second compilation, following on from 2012's Lovesick.

Ladies in Waiting launch the album at Toronto's Hugh's Room on Dec. 18.