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Release date: 
July 7, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Past the Stars

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Jose Contreras

Over the past 25 years, Jose Contreras has earned hero status in Canadian indie rock as leader of the prolific By Divine Right, a band whose alumni include Feist and Brendan Canning. Now he is putting out his first ever solo album. The eponymous record features stripped down and intimate versions of selected BDR songs, spanning the band's ongoing career. Jose and producer Lee Maslin (a key instigator of the project)  laid down the tracks in just a day and a half in Contreras' rural Ontario studio. The results confirm he is a superb songwriter and persuasive vocalist, not just the charismatic leader of a killer rock band. These gifts are showcased superbly on "Past The Stars", a tune also appearing on the most recent BDR album, Organized Accidents. BDR play Toronto's Silver Dollar on Aug. 7.