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Release date: 
March 4, 2014
Total songs: 
Alternative, Dance/Electronic
Play Rescue, Mister

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Besides musical heavyweights Damon Albarn, Jack White, or Dave Grohl, few can manage to play in multiple bands at the same time. When drummer Maya Postepski was forced to choose between being one half of Trust or a member of Austra, she opted for the latter (along with a brief solo turn as Princess Century). So now Trust is solely guided by Robert Alfons, which may explain the differences between 2012’s debut TRST and the new record Joyland. For one, the title is somewhat accurate; the goth moodiness is toned down and the house & trance synths seem brighter. The dancier tunes are less anguished and – actually dancier. Alfons still carries you to chilly places, but the highs now counterbalance it. Worth more than a single spin to feel its full effect. Listening to Joyland might also inspire you to dig up that old Sisters of Mercy record you loved so much.

Trust performs in Montreal March 7 at SAT and March 8 in Toronto at Adelaide Hall, along with Mozart’s Sister.