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Release date: 
October 7, 2014
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Juniper's Kitchen

Golden-voiced folk-rooted troubadour Reid Jamieson has long collaborated closely with his wife Carolyn V. Mill, and that relationship now comes to full fruition on their joint new effort, Juniper's Kitchen. The talented twosome wrote and sang every song on this veritable labour of love together, and the sound has a Johnny and June (Cash) feel at times. Jamieson has found a national audience as part of numerous Vinyl Cafe tours and through earlier solo albums, though it's a mystery as to why his sweet and well-crafted songs haven't found wider airplay. Hopefully this album will change that. One joint composition, "Rail", was a grand prize winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and is reprised here. The peer respect accorded Jamieson and Mill is reflected in the A-list cast of accompanists, including Anne Lindsay (Blue Rodeo), John Sheard, Lewis Melville, Sam Parton & Paul Rigby (Neko Case).

Tour dates in the U.S., the West and Ontario are set for the next two months, followed by a U.K. tour. The Toronto CD release show at The Rivoli on Nov. 7 will feature Mary Margaret O'Hara as a guest. For a full schedule, go here