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September 22, 2015
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Just A Little Bit - Single

Hard-working funkmaster Julian Taylor and his eponymous band tore it up on 2014 full-length Tech Noir, and while maintaining over 200 live dates a year; the act shows no signs of slowing down. JTB has just been signed to Aporia Records and has announced a fast follow-up with double LP Desert Star. For this one though, the rollout will be a little different – a four song EP, culled from cuts on the disc, is to be released every quarter, until completion. According to a press release, the “concept for this new work was partially inspired by Vivaldi’s violin concerto(s) The Four Seasons. Much like the concerto(s), the EPs may stand alone as individual projects, but are intended to contribute to one greater idea”. With the first EP in the series to be released in October, we get a sense of what the bigger picture may be with knockout track “Just A Little Bit”. The inspired smooth tune deftly blends rock and soul into a palatable package, too infectiously hooky to shake after the first spin. Deliciously funky. 

JTB recently played the Toronto Urban Roots Festival, performing alongside Ron Sexsmith, Neko Case, and UB40. Taylor will also perform solo as part of the “Dinner and a Song” series on Sept 27. More info can be found here