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Release date: 
March 24, 2014
Total songs: 
Country, Folk
Play Trouble in Her Eyes

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Just a Season

Just a Season is the nom-de-plume of ace guitarist Scott Smith. He has worked with the likes of Aaron Pritchett, Rich Hope and Barney Bentall, but steps into the spotlight for the first time on this self-titled debut, with great success. Turns out the fluent guitarist is also a fine songwriter and owner of a warm and convincing voice. There's a '70s California country-rock feel to the sound of cuts like "Rick Danko's In Heaven", while "Trouble In Her Eyes" hints at The Sir Douglas Quintet, and "January Bound" is a folk-tinged ballad. An elite cast of players includes co-producer John Raham, Steve Dawson, Kendal Carson, and Geoff Hicks, and horns, strings and backing vocals all contribute to the full and rich sound. This Season springs, it never falls. The album is launched on March 28 at Chapel Arts in Vancouver.