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Release date: 
March 24, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Just Yet - Single

When we last heard from Toronto-based art-pop act For Esme, singer Martha Meredith was making the most of a shoestring budget, and managed to create a gorgeous music video for an impressive $0. Thankfully a MuchFACT grant has helped a little with the finances, and the trio has unveiled a glossy-sounding, synth-blanketed new single, “Just Yet”. This charming slice of shimmering electro-pop was co-produced by regular collaborator James Bunton (Ohbjiou, Light Fires, Forest City Lovers) and mastered by the talented João Carvalho (money well spent!). The single will appear on a forthcoming sophomore album, “Sugar”, due later this year.

Live dates are scheduled across Ontario, and include Toronto March 27 at Sneaky Dee’s + May 8 at the Mod Club for CMW, April 3 in London at Call the Office, and the WayHome Music Festival July-24-26 near Barrie. Details on For Esme’s website